You Choose. We Pay. Charities Receive.

The Fund will allow you to make a large contribution to charity, stop paying life insurance premiums, and experience the joy of making a difference today.

If your policy qualifies, we will pay 100% of the premium remaining on your donated life insurance policy. The Insuring a Better World Fund gives to your chosen charities regular distributions based on the value of your donated policy.

Your donated policy joins a large portfolio of additional donations so that your chosen charity receives a share of the proceeds from the portfolio as benefits are paid. In this way, your selected charity may receive distributions as a result of your donation during your lifetime – allowing you to witness the good works made possible by your generosity.

There is no financial obligation to you or the charities you select. For a confidential consultation or to initiate a policy evaluation, simply select the “Donate” button below. If you prefer, you may also call us at (312) 819-0790, and one of our gifting and donation specialists will be happy to assist you.

Experience the joy of making a significant contribution to your favorite causes during your lifetime.