AALU 2016 Annual Meeting: Robert Stuchiner Presenting

Robert Stuchiner presenting at AALU 2016: Exit Strategies for Life Insurance: Plan, Annuitize, Swap, Sale & The Case for Gift to Charity.

Thursday, July 21
11am EDT

This program addressed planning considerations to maximize flexibility and optionality when purchasing new insurance, as well as how to maximize the value of existing insurance. In using the term exit, the presentation was focused on the change in the original use of the life insurance rather than the termination of the policy. A variety of traditional “exit strategies,” as well as new strategies were discussed.

Significant emphasis was be given to the value of life insurance and new rules regarding life insurance as a “capital asset”. The balance of the presentation was designed to address the gift of life insurance to charity and the creation of the Insuring a Better World Fund (IABWF).session1_525_p