About Us

Our vision is to improve the world by turning waste into wonder.

There is nearly $20 trillion of life insurance in force in the United States, and most policies will terminate without providing death benefits to policy-owners or charity. Each year, over $112 billion in life insurance held by seniors are forfeited or liquidated for a fraction of their ultimate value when their owners decide to stop paying premium. We know that in this waste is the potential to do great things.

The Insuring a Better World Fund  was created to save lapsing policies from forfeiture and drive their value to charity. By donating their unwanted life insurance policy to the Fund, the donors can make legacy-sized gifts to their favorite charity painlessly – and without the burden of paying premium. The Foundation pays all premium and expenses for donated policies to relieve donors and their selected charities of any further financial burden to maintain the policy.

The Insuring a Better World Fund is sponsored by the InterVivos Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Governed by its Board of Directors advised by some of the most respected philanthropic legal counsel in the U.S., the Foundation possesses the expertise and resources to aggregate a large portfolio of donated policies, pay the premium on the donated policies, and distribute the proceeds to charities selected by the Foundation’s donors and Board of Directors.

Because the Foundation’s supported charities will receive a pro rata share of the proceeds from a large portfolio of donations (without waiting for the charity’s donor to pass away), donors can experience the joy of making a significant impact to charitable causes important to them during their lifetimes.