Kevin O’Connor Webinar

On April 20th, Insuring A Better World Fund founders David Simon and Robert Stuchiner presented an overview of the charity to The American College of Financial Services during an online webinar. The event centered on the incredible legacy of Kevin O’Connor, who was an American College alumni and Insuring A Better World Fund’s first policy donor, and the innovative philanthropic alternative that the charity now offers individuals with unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies.

Kevin’s legacy sized gift, through the Insuring A Better World Fund to the American College of Financial Services, provides for numerous scholarships to be awarded. “A great man funds knowledge from a great institution. A wonderful legacy the Insuring A Better World Fund made possible for Kevin and the College”, noted charity co-founder and long time friend Robert Stuchiner.

Message from the President

An IABWF first. I attended the bi-annual American Council on Gift Annuities conference in Seattle last month.

The lay leadership chaired by Joseph Bull stocked an impressive array of breakout sessions in the two day conference.

I never fail to learn something new and continue to be impressed by the attending  charitable organizations. This conference also reinforced the crucial role IABWF should play in a charity’s planned giving outreach.

IABWF earns no commissions and does not write or accept new life insurance policies. We focus on the 88% of policies that lapse. IABWF only asks that if your donor is discontinuing to pay for a life insurance policy donate it us for your charity’s benefit.

Especially important to the charitable gift annuity space is the IABWF Pivot. Most donors don’t have life insurance they are throwing away but IABWF is a NEW conversation starter leading info an easy pivot to a charitable gift annuity ask.  No new staff is needed to work with us.

Contact us and see how easy the IABWF Pivot is. The IABWF mission is to help your charity at no cost to the donor or the charity.

It is only with your help and participation that we will be successful in turning some of the $20 trillion life insurance market from waste into wonder.

A special shutout to the ACGA team. The conference was a pleasure.

Thank you,

David Simon


How the Tax bill affect the motivations of individual donors and foundations to donate to your nonprofit?

Paraphrasing Raising Change’s Kathy LeMay; ‘This bill nominally retains the existing itemized deduction for charitable donations, but by nearly doubling the standard deduction, it effectively puts this important incentive to give out of reach for 95 percent of American taxpayers, according to a study from the Lilly School of Philanthropy. That study projects the reduction in the number of people who itemize would result in a decrease in charitable giving in the U.S. by up to $13 billion annually. Other studies set the cost even higher.  The change in giving policy in the bill could be devastating for many organizations. You are no doubt familiar with the flurry of giving at the end of the calendar year, motivated by deductions. With this tax bill, that motivation goes away for the vast majority of taxpayers. We agree with the assessment of our colleagues at the Council on Foundations, “This will result in billions of dollars less in charitable giving, which means billions less going to meet growing community needs.”

NOW LET’S MAKE LEMONS INTO LEMONADE TOGETHER!  IABWF must be part of your solution. What is missing from the disheartening and accurate analysis above is the opportunity within the tax bill. The tax bill DOUBLES the estate tax. From the nearly $20 Trillion life insurance market, billions of dollars of death benefit will no longer be needed for estate taxes. Last year over $100 Billion of death benefit terminated in the senior market. This year that number could double? triple? more? IABWF works with charities to accept donations of unwanted life insurance policies at no cost to the charity or the donor! Donors choose. IABWF pays. Charities receive. The bill was signed this morning. The clock is now running. Let’s work together to help ensure a better world for us all!

Please contact us. Happy Holidays and a Happy Healthy Successful 2018!

NCPP Baltimore 2017 – IABWF Exhibitors

Co-founders Robert Stuchiner and David Simon at the IABWF exhibit booth during the 2017 NCPP conference in Baltimore. This is the third year IABWF has exhibited at the nation’s prestigious planned giving conference.

The conference is attended by Planned giving professionals representing each charitable sector. IABWF’s mission supports universities, hospitals, disease oriented, poverty tackling, religious, etc. All specialists learn and share at this three day event.

IABWF’s life insurance donation program is the new topic. Most charities for several good reasons do not accept life insurance policies as donations unless the donor pays the ongoing premium. Further, life insurance is premised on the law of large numbers. It is hard for a single charity to achieve the critical mass of policiesnecessary for actuarial credibility.

IABWF is the solution. IABWF pays all premiums after donation and IABWF aggregates life insurance policy donations from many charities to achieve critical mass and actuarial credibility.

IABWF met over 63 new charitable organizations representing thousands of potential donors. Every year over $100 billion dollars of life insurance is wasted by our target market. Now let’s capture some of that value for charities.

NCPP Baltimore 2017- A Birthday Wish

Co-founder, Robert Stuchiner, blows out the candles celebrating his 60th birthday.

Despite being severely visually impaired, Robert only recently had to stop skiing and rollerblading. And at a time long before cell phones that read your messages, Robert’s accomplishments in the life insurance industry marvel and rival the best and brightest in the industry.

Robert and his wife, Judy, are committed to philanthropy and the success to help fund charities seeking cures for disease. Cures would not only affect Robert, but also one of his own children who is diabetic. The money lost in valuable life insurance policies is there to help. IABWF has donated to National Federation of the Blind, Foundation Fighting Blindness and Diabetes Research Institute to help fund these organizations.

Robert’s birthday wish is for his career focus on IABWF to make the wishes of countless other charities come true.

IABWF Raffle Donation at NCPP Baltimore 2017

IABWF exhibits at the 2017 NCPP in Baltimore. Pictured IABWF sponsor’s a donation contest giving away $18,000 to five chosen charities. IABWF received 63 entrants.

Planned giving professionals from across the charitable spectrum entered their non-profit for the chance to be selected for the top donation of $10,000 or one of the other four donations.

$10,000 Raffle Donation Winner is…….The University of Michigan!!

Co-Founders Robert Stuchiner and fist pumping David Simon present the top donation of $10,000 to The University of Michigan Sally Baker, Carine Hails & Donna Snyder laugh it up over David’s alma mater receiving the gift.

The University of Michigan is one of the nation’s and the world’s top universities. It excels in science technology engineering and math, as well as business and the liberal arts. When David entered in the fall of 1976 the Wolverines were the top ranked football and basketball team.

David’s wife, Pam, is also a Michigan alumnus (years later) graduating from the school with a business degree.

Congratulations to the maize and blue. IABWF is honored and overjoyed to support the University of Michigan and its many wonderful students and alumnae.

NCPP Baltimore 2017 – $1,000 Raffle Donation Winner – West Virginia University Foundation

Pictured co-founders Robert Stuchiner and David Simon award IABWF’s $1,000 donation to West Virginia University Foundation. Matthew Clark and his colleague received the donation on behalf of the Foundation.

West Virginia began 150 years ago as an agriculture college and has grown into one of the world’s premiere research institutions. This month WVU sends two teams to defend its title in the NASA Mars Ice Challenge. David’s daughter, Molly, is a NASA fellow who wrote one of her papers on subterranean volcanic activity on Mars. If you are considering an investment in Mars real estate it is a must read. IABWF is happy to support West Virginia University Foundation and the education of our children.

NCPP Baltimore 2017 – $1,000 Donation Raffle Winner National WWII Museum

Pictured IABWF co-founder David Simon presenting a $1,000 donation to Abbie Sumners of the National WWII Museum.

David’s father, Sheldon, of blessed memory, served in the war and several members of his family were killed in the Holocaust.  This war plays a unique role in our world’s history.

These are lessons and people that can never be forgotten. IABWF’s fulfills its mission to support veterans and education, blended into this great museum.

“Ranked by USA Today as the #1 best place to learn US military history and designated by Congress as America’s official museum features a rich collection of artifacts that bring history to life”. IABWF is proud to support our National World WWII Museum.

NCPP 2017 Baltimore – Compassion International $1,000 Raffle Donation Winner

Compassion International was a $1,000 NCPP donation winner. David Simon is pictured handing over the check to Sheri Hudson.

Sheri Hudson was our happiest winner. The charity focuses on children and poverty. This charity speaks directly to the IABWF mission.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with Compassion International, helping them serve more impoverished children throughout the world. We agree with Compassion International, poverty is not being poor. Poverty is the lack of hope. It is with our hope that this donation is happily given.