When you donate your policy to charity through the Insuring a Better World Fund, we will pay 100% of the premium on your policy and distribute the net proceeds to the charity of your choice.

The Insuring a Better World Fund will aggregate hundreds of individually donated life insurance policies just like yours to establish a stable, predictable, and growing source of cash flow to charities for decades to come. We expect to generate billions of dollars for the benefit of chosen charities. Neither you, nor the charities, have any obligation to pay the premium on a donated policy.

The Insuring a Better World Fund works by capturing the “embedded value” of life insurance policies for the benefit of charities and donors. Embedded value exists when the present value of expected death benefit exceeds the present value of premium and administrative costs. Even if a policy has no cash surrender value, it may have a great deal of embedded value – value that would be lost if the policy were surrendered or allowed to lapse.

In addition, the donation of a life insurance policy through the Insuring a Better World Fund converts what otherwise would be a testamentary gift into a lifetime gift. Under traditional gifting arrangements, a charity does not benefit from a donation of life insurance until the donor passes away.

The Insuring a Better World Fund’s unique and proprietary aggregation and revenue sharing structure enables you to experience the joy of making a large contribution that may provide income to your favorite charity during your lifetime.