An IABWF first. I attended the bi-annual American Council on Gift Annuities conference in Seattle last month.

The lay leadership chaired by Joseph Bull stocked an impressive array of breakout sessions in the two day conference.

I never fail to learn something new and continue to be impressed by the attending  charitable organizations. This conference also reinforced the crucial role IABWF should play in a charity’s planned giving outreach.

IABWF earns no commissions and does not write or accept new life insurance policies. We focus on the 88% of policies that lapse. IABWF only asks that if your donor is discontinuing to pay for a life insurance policy donate it us for your charity’s benefit.

Especially important to the charitable gift annuity space is the IABWF Pivot. Most donors don’t have life insurance they are throwing away but IABWF is a NEW conversation starter leading info an easy pivot to a charitable gift annuity ask.  No new staff is needed to work with us.

Contact us and see how easy the IABWF Pivot is. The IABWF mission is to help your charity at no cost to the donor or the charity.

It is only with your help and participation that we will be successful in turning some of the $20 trillion life insurance market from waste into wonder.

A special shutout to the ACGA team. The conference was a pleasure.

Thank you,

David Simon