Co-founder, Robert Stuchiner, blows out the candles celebrating his 60th birthday.

Despite being severely visually impaired, Robert only recently had to stop skiing and rollerblading. And at a time long before cell phones that read your messages, Robert’s accomplishments in the life insurance industry marvel and rival the best and brightest in the industry.

Robert and his wife, Judy, are committed to philanthropy and the success to help fund charities seeking cures for disease. Cures would not only affect Robert, but also one of his own children who is diabetic. The money lost in valuable life insurance policies is there to help. IABWF has donated to National Federation of the Blind, Foundation Fighting Blindness and Diabetes Research Institute to help fund these organizations.

Robert’s birthday wish is for his career focus on IABWF to make the wishes of countless other charities come true.