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Eliminate Premiums

88% of life insurance policies lapse without paying a death benefit, a considerable financial burden for those with unwanted policies.

Support Charity

Directly impact the causes you champion; join our community of philanthropists; and ensure a better world for us all. 

Who we work with

Financial Professionals

We enhance life insurance products and the industry by providing a charitable exit strategy. Offering clients an alternative to lapsing a policy adds value and transforms undesired products into philanthropic goals.



With Insuring A Better World Fund, charities have no financial or administrative obligation to donated policies. Donors choose their charity; we pay the premium and all other costs; charities receive the benefits. 



We began our work to provide policy owners who no longer need or want their life insurance a charitable solution. Until now, the approximately $20 trillion of life insurance in force today remained largely inaccessible to charities. We change that.

What is the donation process?

Donor Qualification

Insuring A Better World Fund captures a life insurance policy’s embedded value, the calculated worth of the policy after the premium and administrative costs have been deducted.

Even a policy that has no cash surrender value may have a great deal of embedded value that would be lost if the policy were surrendered or allowed to lapse.

Our screening process will help quickly determine your eligibility to donate. In general, policy owners who are 65 and older and whose policy has minimum death benefit of $250,000 can qualify; however, the best way to determine your eligibility is to speak with one of our donation specialists.

When you begin the evaluation, we will gather some information about your policy and current health to determine if your policy is eligible. This information is kept confidential and is only used to help determine the full value of the policy.

Donation Distribution

Charities receive regular distributions from a large portfolio of donated polices. Traditionally, a single charity cannot collect enough polices in a short enough time frame to be actuarially credible. This is where we step in.

Insuring A Better World Fund aggregates hundreds of individually donated life insurance policies to establish a stable, predictable, and growing source of cash flow for charities. Once a policy is accepted, neither donors nor charities have any financial obligation to maintain it.

Additionally, this converts what otherwise would be a testamentary gift into a lifetime gift. Under traditional gifting arrangements, a charity does not benefit from a donation of life insurance until the donor passes away. Our unique aggregation and revenue sharing structure allows donors to make legacy-sized gifts that a charity may recognize during their lifetime.

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A Philanthropic Case Study

On April 20th, Insuring A Better World Fund founders David Simon and Robert Stuchiner presented an overview of the charity to The American College of Financial Services during an online webinar. The event centered on the incredible legacy of Kevin O’Connor, an American College alumni and Insuring A Better World Fund’s first policy donor, and the innovative philanthropic alternative that the charity now offers individuals with unwanted or unneeded life insurance policies. 

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Kevin O’Connor Webinar

On April 20th, Insuring A Better World Fund founders David Simon and Robert Stuchiner presented an overview of the charity to The American College of

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