Creating a Legacy of Love: A Philanthropic Journey with Life Insurance

Introduction: “To sell or not to sell that is the question.” This famous line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a timeless contemplation of life’s uncertainties. Life is a tapestry of choices and opportunities, and for Mr. O, a successful small business owner, it was a question of what to do with his life insurance policies. As the years passed and circumstances evolved, he found himself at a crossroads, faced with an array of options that would shape his legacy and impact future generations. Join us on a captivating journey of philanthropy and inspiration as we delve into the heartwarming story of Mr. O’s decision.

Chapter 1: Building a Life of Generosity From a young age, Mr. O’s life was marked by acts of generosity and compassion. As a regular contributor to his church and a leader within his community, he had always sought ways to make a positive difference. Little did he know that his life insurance policies, purchased years ago, would become a key instrument in fulfilling his philanthropic dreams.

Chapter 2: A Transformative Moment – The Pandemic In 2020, a global pandemic swept across the world, changing lives in unforeseen ways. For Mr. O, this period became a turning point in his life. As he decided to sell his business, he faced a crucial decision regarding his life insurance policies, which were originally meant for business planning, potential estate taxes, and family security.

Chapter 3: The Options Unfolded – With the help of trusted advisors and careful consideration, Mr. O explored his options. He could have allowed the policies to lapse, saving the annual premium cost for himself but also leaving behind a valuable asset that could benefit others. Alternatively, he could have continued paying premiums, redirecting the proceeds to his family or a chosen charity, but this option didn’t resonate with him.

Chapter 4: A Glimmer of Hope – Then came the discovery of the life settlement market. Mr. O learned that he could sell his policies and reap the proceeds for himself. This route offered a better alternative than letting the policies lapse, and he decided to take advantage of this opportunity for one of his policies.

Chapter 5: Creating a Lasting Legacy – Mr. O’s story doesn’t end there. In his search for a meaningful way to give back, he stumbled upon Insuring A Better World Fund, a nonprofit that accepts life insurance policies as donations. By donating one of his policies to this worthy cause, he could support the ultimate charity of his choice and make a lasting impact on his community. This organization allows donors to choose the ultimate charity to receive the net death benefits, and they cover all premium and other costs associated with the donated policy. This seemed like a perfect solution for Mr. O’s philanthropic ideals without the burden of premium payments.

Chapter 6: The Fruits of Generosity – The results of Mr. O’s decisions were beyond his expectations. By selling one policy, he received a significant sum of money that he could use to secure his future. And by donating another policy to Insuring A Better World Fund, he unlocked the power of philanthropy, receiving a charitable income tax deduction and benefiting his church.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Love – Mr. O’s journey of philanthropy is a testament to the power of giving back. Through thoughtful decision-making and a heart full of compassion, he secured a bright future for himself and left behind a legacy of love and generosity. The lesson we can learn from his story is that life insurance policies can serve as powerful tools for both financial security and philanthropy. 

“To sell or not to sell? That is the question? No, the question is “What is the best use of your life insurance policy for you?”. If you want to use your life insurance policy to fulfill your philanthropic ideals, then Insuring A Better World Fund may be your answer. Together, we can ensure a better world for us all.

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