How to Donate

To start the confidential screening process, please complete the Donor Qualification Form and submit online through our secure link.

If you prefer, you may call us at (312) 819-0790 to speak confidentially with one of our donation specialists.

Life insurance is a capital asset that may be valued for a charitable income tax deduction similar to the donation of appreciated securities, real estate and artwork. The appraised value of your policy may be deducted.

Without any financial obligation, you can experience the joy of making a substantial contribution that provides current income to your favorite charities during your lifetime. You will be able to witness the good work your generosity has made possible, and charities will be given the opportunity to recognize your valuable contribution immediately.

If you are 65 or older and have a life insurance policy with a minimum death benefit of $400,000, we can begin qualifying your policy for this program. The Fund will need to gather information about your policy and your current health to determine if your policy is eligible for donation. The Fund has developed a screening process that should help you determine your eligibility for this program quickly.

All types of life insurance (e.g., term, universal, whole life, survivorship, group, etc.) may be considered.

Donor Qualification Form