Financial Professional Awareness

Financial Professional Awareness

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Insuring A Better World Fund was created by two lifetime financial service professionals with a combined 70 years of experience in the life insurance industry. This 501(c)(3) charity was created to help bridge the gap between potential donors of life insurance policies and the charities they wish to support.

Insuring A Better World Fund transforms an unhappy client who may lapse a life insurance policy after years of premium payments into a happy client who has fulfilled their philanthropic goals and secured their legacy at no cost to them or their chosen charity. A donation of a life insurance policy to Insuring A Better World Fund improves the client’s cash flow; may allow them a charitable tax deduction and fulfill a gift that they committed to in testamentary documents.

Although industry statistics state that 88% of all life insurance policies lapse, life insurance is still a compelling purchase for most individuals and many corporations. In fact, there is over $20 trillion of death benefit in force in the United States. There are a myriad of ways the life insurance industry has served their clients faithfully and in their best interest. Life insurance is purchased for income protection, wealth transfer, estate planning, business succession and many other reasons. The industry estimates that US households are UNDER insured by $12 TRILLION.

However, the overwhelming majority of these policies lapse without paying a death benefit. No change to human behavior is required. Instead, we transform the potential waste of a lapsing life insurance policy into your client’s philanthropic ideal. Insuring A Better World Fund is an attractive exit strategy to those policy owners who are lapsing a life insurance policy. Gain the expertise to fulfill your client’s philanthropic goals through the no-cost donation of life insurance to Insuring A Better World Fund, a new and attractive exit strategy.

This will enhance your relationship with your client in several ways, while benefiting the charities your clients choose to support.

  • This is a brand new “no ask“ conversation that all life insurance and financial professionals should be having with their clients in the senior market. With a growing senior market, 10,000 people a day turn 65, this opportunity is a win-win option for your senior clients.
  • You can help your clients find a feel-good alternative to a life settlement without competing with the market. Many clients are uneasy with the concept of selling their life insurance policy, whether it’s to a for-profit fund, a desire to avoid the long process, or getting a very small or no life settlement offer.
  • The client can donate that same policy to their favorite charity at no cost AND receive a charitable income tax deduction upon donation to Insuring A Better World Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.
  • Insuring a Better World Fund is a no cost option for your client and the charity. This relieves your client of any future premium payments improving their cash flow.

We are also a wonderful tool to approach the charities you support. Financial professionals know that the $20 trillion life insurance asset class is ripe for charitable use. Conversations around philanthropy are a must as the great wealth transfer is already underway. This also helps the charity with the following:

  • In 2021, estimates of lapsed death benefit in the senior market alone ranged from $100 billion to $180 billion. Though not all of those policies have value, that still leaves tens of billions of dollars of life insurance that can be re-purposed for the benefit of charity.
  • Charities lack the expertise needed and you can be their expert resource.
  • Numerous opportunities as the charities’ life insurance expert to sell new policies to board members, donors and support new sales in conjunction with donations.

Insuring A Better World Fund combines the world of financial professionals, their clients, and charities into one team for the benefit of all. The leadership in our industry has always exemplified the philanthropic ideals that life insurance professionals and our industry should promote.

Our co-founders Robert Stuchiner and David Simon both have their own personal involvement with several charities that encompass disease, religion, poverty, and education. Personal causes affecting them and their families, ranging from visual impairment & diabetes to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, are all part of what drives our shared mission to create more charitable impact through this opportunity within the life insurance industry.

Donations of life insurance not only provide much needed revenue to charities, but also provide hope to the people charities are benefitting today. At the recent FORUM400 meeting of top life insurance professionals, one truly outstanding professional, Larry Rybka, was recognized with the Humanitarian Award for building a school in an underdeveloped area.

The standing ovation he received acknowledged not just his accomplishment, but who he is and the legacy he built. The educational opportunity he envisioned will serve hundreds of students, benefit thousands in their households and will positively impact millions in their community for generations. Now that creates a better world for us all.

Insuring A Better World Fund is founded on the principle that each of us has the potential to make an impact and create our own legacy. Now, the donation of a lapsing life insurance policy can be a large part of the equation for your client to realize that legacy.

Together we can ensure a better world for us all, but we need your support. To join us visit our contact page at or call us at 312-819-0790.