Insuring A Better World Fund is Donating to the Top Cancer Research Hospitals

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor of Dr. Bruce Chabner who served 27 years at National Cancer Institute and 13 years as the director of the division of Cancer Treatment at NCI, Insuring A Better World Fund is helping to make a difference. We are making unrestricted donations to help fund cancer research at the nation’s top cancer research hospitals:

      1. Massachusetts General Hospital
      2. Johns Hopkins
      3. University of Chicago
      4. Dana Farber Cancer Institute 
      5. The Cleveland Clinic
      6. Mayo Clinic
      7. MD Anderson
      8. UCSF Hospital 
      9. Penn Medicine 
      10. American Cancer Society 
      11. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
      12. Northwestern Memorial Medicine 
      13. UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside
      14. New York Presbyterian Hospital 


Insuring A Better World Fund is a charity for charities, whose mission is to transform the over $100 Billion of lapsing life insurance each year to the donors philanthropic ideals at no cost to the donor or their chosen charities. Let’s work together to fund cancer research and all the great charitable causes. Together we can ensure a better world for us all.

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