Co-founders Robert Stuchiner and David Simon at the IABWF exhibit booth during the 2017 NCPP conference in Baltimore. This is the third year IABWF has exhibited at the nation’s prestigious planned giving conference.

The conference is attended by Planned giving professionals representing each charitable sector. IABWF’s mission supports universities, hospitals, disease oriented, poverty tackling, religious, etc. All specialists learn and share at this three day event.

IABWF’s life insurance donation program is the new topic. Most charities for several good reasons do not accept life insurance policies as donations unless the donor pays the ongoing premium. Further, life insurance is premised on the law of large numbers. It is hard for a single charity to achieve the critical mass of policiesnecessary for actuarial credibility.

IABWF is the solution. IABWF pays all premiums after donation and IABWF aggregates life insurance policy donations from many charities to achieve critical mass and actuarial credibility.

IABWF met over 63 new charitable organizations representing thousands of potential donors. Every year over $100 billion dollars of life insurance is wasted by our target market. Now let’s capture some of that value for charities.