We educate donors, charities, and financial professionals on the charitable value of life insurance. Whether you are just learning about charitable gifts of life insurance, developing a gift planning program or servicing your client’s philanthropic goals, we can help.

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Barbie’s Legacy is Cemented; But is Your Client’s?

Cue the scene of all the Barbies having the best day ever in Barbie Land when [record scratch] Barbie brings up “do you guys ever think about death?”. This shocks all the other Barbies. It may be uncomfortable, but this conversation needs to happen, and it is your obligation to make sure you understand your client’s legacy aspirations.

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Creating a Legacy of Love: A Philanthropic Journey with Life Insurance

“To sell or not to sell that is the question.” This famous line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a timeless contemplation of life’s uncertainties. Life is a tapestry of choices and opportunities, and for Mr. O, a successful small business owner, it was a question of what to do with his life insurance policies. As the years passed and circumstances evolved, he found himself at a crossroads, faced with an array of options that would shape his legacy and impact future generations. Join us on a captivating journey of philanthropy and inspiration as we delve into the heartwarming story of Mr. O’s decision.

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